Episode 30: Doing the Inner Work with Sheena Yap Chan

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Sheena Yap Chan is a blogger, podcaster, marketing consultant, author and speaker whose sole purpose, drive and passion is to help women live a better life through entrepreneurship.  She currently inspires women everyday through her podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where she interviews various women about their inner journey to self confidence.  Sheena also teaches women how to create a business and live life by design by learning how to create an income utilizing the Internet.  

Sheena shares about a tragedy that was the catalyst to quit her job and start creating the life and business she wanted. 

She also speaks on how she was able to gain confidence in her business and life through physical fitness, energy work, mindset and surrounding herself with people that support your dreams. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Asian women roles in society and culture
  • sexism
  • Self sabotaging, self shaming and comparing yourself to others
  • loving yourself
  • negative self talk
  • self worth

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How to start and maintain a 5 day a week podcast
  • Ways to improve confidence in your life
  • Using personal tragedy to make changes in your life
  • Solving a problem to create a blog, business or podcast
  • Doing inner work on yourself for positive changes
  • Surrounding yourself with people that support your dreams
  • Being aware of false gurus in the online world
  • Getting over fear and self doubt and starting something
  • Being clear in your messaging with creating content online
  • Defining your own definition of success
  • Overcoming failure


Getting in touch with Sheena Yap Chan:

The Tao of Self Confidence website

Books mentioned on this episode: 

  • Think and Grow Rich


  • The Miracle Morning


  • A New Earth


  • The 10x rule


  • The Slight Edge

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