Episode 3: Selling a $20 Million Company and moving towards Purposeful Prosperity with Joni Young

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Joni is a coach and consultant for CEOs and business owners that are feeling burned out and stuck. Joni sold a $20 Million company to build a business based on what she calls "Purposeful Prosperity". 

Joni's first book in which I am one of the contributing authors will be released in May.  It is called "Conscious Love."  

Joni's second book is in the works and will be about how to be a "Happy Prosperous CEO."  It will be published in May or June.

Joni immigrated to United States when she was 10 years old. Joni’s parents immigrated to United States for a better life. Joni and her parents did not speak any english when coming to United States. There were struggles for Joni and her parents with not knowing english. 

As a 10 years old, without knowing any english, Joni started knocking on doors to make money for her family. 

At 13 years old she became a top producer for a company which kicked off her entrepreneurial pathway. 

Joni went to Law School after high school and college quickly realizing it did not feed her soul.

Joni went into Real Estate and was recruited by a Real Estate development company. 

Joni then went into the financial services industry. Built a 7 figure business in that industry. This led to becoming a national sales trainer. 

Joni was ready for a greater challenge and went into the lumber business. Joni built the business from 0 to a $20 million dollar international business. 

In 2008 Joni was diagnosed with breast cancer and is a cancer survivor.

Joni again reassessed and realized that her business was not filling a great purpose. Through a time of reflection, Joni realized that the relationships and friendships she made along the way was the most meaningful to her and decided to start a coaching and consulting business after selling her $20 million company. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Asian American Community
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Discrimination as an immigrant
  • Language barriers coming to United States
  • Cultural and parental expectations of career as Doctor, Lawyer, and Engineer
  • Academically smart vs. business smarts
  • Parenting as an entrepreneur

What you will learn from this episode:

  • being resilient in business
  • How to have purposeful prosperity
  • How to start a business with the Why first
  • Pivoting into different jobs/careers
  • Self assessment in career and business
  • How to sell without selling
  • Solving a problem and serving a need
  • Taking action and learning as you go in entrepreneurship 
  • Surviving as an entrepreneur in an economic downturn
  • Taking time to reflect and reassess in business
  • Paying it forward in business
  • How to make decisions 

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