Episode 20: Saving Dogs from Torture in Asia with Marc Ching

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Marc Ching is a fourth-generation Japanese Herbalist, macro-biologist, and holistic nutritionist, born into his vocation in Hawaii. He is the owner of The Petstaurant in Los Angeles, where he makes species-appropriate meals for both dogs and cats, understanding the anatomy of animals and how their bodies process and absorb nutrients. His belief and culture, a presence which has become the cornerstone of the company, is that pets are a part of our family. He founded Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation five years ago so he could start rescuing locally abused animals. Just last year, he added another cause to the Foundation: conquering the Dog Meat Trade in Asia.

Marc recently took a trip to China to save 1000 dogs and shut down numerous dog slaughterhouses during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. He has traveled multiple times to Asia and has risked his life to bring awareness to the governments of the inhumane treatment of dogs. 

Marc shares about the effect his trips and the torture of dogs he has witnessed has been for his emotional wellbeing. He also shares the progress he has made in various countries in the dog meat trade industry.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • the dog meat trade in Asia
  • Why Marc risks his life for his mission

Getting in touch with Marc Ching:

Marc's business The Petstaurant

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

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Video of Marc and his work in Asia:

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