Episode 23: The Journey and Business of Art with Dave Young Kim

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Dave Young Kim is an award winning artist and muralist. His murals can be seen all around the world.  Dave is the recipient of the 2015 Asian Pacific American Heritage Award. Dave shares about the inspiration behind his art which is rooted in his Korean-American heritage. 

Dave's passion for art started at an early age and his parent's encouragement helped nurture his artistic talents.  Dave shares about getting into gangs in high school as a way to find a place to belong. Dave also talks about getting kicked out of college and getting back into college as an art major. 

Dave shares how he is able to make a living as a full time artist. 

In late 2015 Antonio Ramos, a colleague of Dave's, was murdered in Oakland, CA working on a mural. Dave shares his perspective about the loss of his friend. 

**Correction** In the interview Dave mentioned the movie "Day's of Heaven" when he meant the movie "Tree of Life"


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Finding a place to belong 
  • not blaming parents but understanding their stories
  • love for the city of Oakland, California
  • The human condition
  • Christian faith

What you learn from this episode:

  • How to make a living full time as an artist
  • Finding resources to make money as an artist through residencies and grants
  • Ways to market and promote art
  • Working through fear of putting art out into the world
  • How to use Self Awareness to uncover your dreams 
  • How to be proactive in getting your art, or business out there in the world

Getting in touch with Dave Young Kim:

Instagram @daveyoungkim


Email:  daveyoungkim@gmail.com

Twitter: @daveyoungkim

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