Episode 16: Communicating an Effective Message with Jennifer Choi

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Jennifer Choi is Founder and Champion of Communication at Bon Intent, a boutique communications consultancy.  She is super passionate about working with others to amplify their impact through effective communication. With high emotional intelligence, Jennifer believes that infusing EQ into communication will enable people to truly connect to each other in the digital age. 

A San Francisco native, Jennifer grew up between two cultures, Chinese and American. As a result, she had to use communication and language to fit in at a young age. Then after studying abroad in Paris, she realized that communication really was the key to human connection. After a career in biotech spanning from laboratory bench to cubicle, she's happy to have found her true calling as an entrepreneur. 

Jennifer is also the host and creator of the Cup of Comms podcast, where listeners can tune in and fill their cup with communications advice, one great conversation at a time.

Jennifer realized she could not the create the life she wanted while working in her current role at her corporate job. Jennifer left her stable job and traveled to Europe for 45 days to figure out what the next steps would be in her life and business. 

In Europe she confirmed that her calling was in the field of communication and launched her company Bon Intent. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Asian culture and its impact on decisions we make in life
  • guilt
  • gender roles in the Asian community

What you learn from this episode:

  • How to improve your company message to share with customers
  • How to make the leap from corporate, stable job to entrepreneurship
  • How to follow your intuition to make a career change or start your business
  • The importance of taking personal time to figure out the next steps
  • How to make the leap into starting our own business without a solid plan of action
  • How to confirm your calling and purpose in our business
  • Gaining clients for a consultant business
  • Marketing your service based business
  • Staying productive while working as a solopreneur and not having employees
  • Dealing with emotions like fear and guilt of leaving your job to start your own business
  • Asking for help in business 
  • Steps to improve business communication


Getting in touch with Jennifer Choi:



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Bon Intent Website

Cup of Comms Podcast

Resources mentioned in this show: 

 trello.com (visual board for to do items)



Four Hour Workweek

The Alchemist

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