Episode 14: Being Seen in Business and Life with Lynn Chen

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Lynn Chen is an entertainer and body image activist. Most recently you can catch Lynn guest starring on HBO's "Silicon Valley" and AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead". She is a two time award winning blogger (The Actor's Diet and thick Dumpling Skin) and her YouTube food/travel videos have reached over 30 million views. 

Lynn started performing early on in her life and performed in opera at a young age. She got into acting full time around 2000. 

Lynn discusses her previous relationship with food and her path to recovery and eventually becoming an ambassador of NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association). During her path of becoming more healthy in her relationship with food, she started "The Actor's Diet" blog as well as "Thick Dumpling Skin". 


 Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Asian American culture in regards to food 
  • Lack of Asian American representation in Hollywood

What you learn from this episode:

  • The journey to becoming an actor
  • How to prioritize your time 
  • How to prepare before and after a film shoot
  • Learning to say no 
  • How to put content and creativity before making money
  • How to not care what others think
  • How to deal with internet trolls

Getting in touch with Lynn Chen:

Lynn Chen's website

Thick Dumpling Skin

The Actor's Diet

Resources mentioned in this show: 

National Eating Disorders Association

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