Why I Left My High Paying Job with No Set Plan of Action

In High School I wanted to be in musical theater, but was too scared of being made fun of by my friends. In college I did not know what to major in, so I chose Economics since it seemed like a "stable" major although I felt a calling towards Psychology. After college I took the career path in sales because I can talk well, and it makes a decent dollar. My name is B.J. Kang and I am a recovering people pleaser, lack of dream follower, and overall fearful human being. 

That was until  I quit my 6 figure income job with no formalized plan of action to pursue my dreams! Wait what? What didn't you just build your businesses on the side while you had stable income? What is your plan of action? You are focusing on 4 different projects, shouldn't you just focus on one thing for now? 

Here are the reasons why I had to cut complete ties with my company before this new adventure:

1) It was a metaphorical decision: The decision to quit my job to follow my dreams was primarily to break through my fear of the unknown and it absolutely worked. I still worry about the future from time to time especially as I get started in my new businesses, but the fear is almost completely lifted and when I do feel fear it is the size of a hamster as opposed to the size of an elephant.

2) Creative energy of the mind: Yes, I could have started a side business while working in my sales job, but after working an eight hour day and thinking of my sales numbers for the day, week, month and year, I did not have energy to put into any of my creative endeavors. Since quitting my job, I feel an injection of creativity that flows through my body and soul. 

3) My Mission: For the first time in my life my career decision feels intuitively right because in my bones I know this is my calling and mission. This is my greater calling to inspire others to quit their job, break through their fears, find their calling and take action! Before I am able to follow my mission, I must live it first and so I did when I quit my 6 figure income job with no formalized plan. 

I don’t recommend this course of action for everyone, but so far it’s working out for me.