Immigrant Parent Entrepreneurs- Why not us?

As a child of immigrant parents, I cannot express my gratitude enough for my parents and the sacrifices they made for me to have a better life in American. Here is what my parents accomplished since they immigrated to the United States in the 1970s:

  • Father immigrated to United States from Korea when he was in his early 20s with $100 and did not speak any english
  • Went back to Korea to find a wife (my mom) and brought her back to the U.S. and she had no english speaking skills
  • Built up many successful small businesses, flipped them and then moved on to the next business
  • Some businesses included grocery store, liquor store, restaurant, fast food restaurant, ship supply business, coffee shop
  • Worked long hours 12-16+ hours making sure these businesses were successful

Pretty sure some of you reading this can relate to a similar story of your parents' sacrifice surviving and thriving in the United States. 

When I told my mom I was quitting my well paying job to pursue a similar path of entrepreneurship she was supportive, but also concerned. I was living a life path that some would deem successful. I got good grades in high school so I could go to a good college to get a degree, worked at different companies and felt like I made it when I hit the six figure mark in software sales. Perhaps I should have just been grateful and stuck it out for the rest of my life staying in my current company or bouncing around other companies for new opportunities. 

I could not see myself doing that because I feel that the entrepreneurial blood runs through my veins. When I spoke to my mom about her move into entrepreneurship she made a very valid point, that her and my dad were entrepeneurs by necessity not by choice. I was also thinking about grass is greener on the other side syndrome. My parents worked so hard on their entrepreneurial path. They did that so that I could get a good eduction and perhaps they thought the corporate path would be an easier, more secure life which some would say it is. However, there was a fire within me that told me I needed to carve out a different path for myself that didn't include moving up the corporate ladder but creating my own businesses and services. 

I would say the entrepreneurial path is not as certain. For a calculated, cautious person like myself this new path is scary at times. However, the alternative path of working for companies my whole life seems way scarier. 

Both paths (the 9-5 grind and the entrepreneurial grind) are difficult. However, the freedom I have to learn,create, build, test, fail and then start back again from the beginning is an exhilarating feeling. 

I want to still honor my parents' sacrifice while honoring my path as well. 

Do any of you have an itch to start on your entrepreneurial journey? Would love to hear your opinions on this issue in the comments below.